About Caitlin Vera



Chicago based digital art photographer Caitlin Vera has been working as an artist for the past 7 years. Originally a counselor, Caitlin blends her photography skills with her 10 years of psychology experience, bringing about a perfect marriage of her two passions. She uses art therapy techniques - especially photography - in her work with youth and the elderly. 


Photography has always interested Caitlin because it is a way to tell a story. She loves the fact that in photography there is always a mystery behind an image. As an artist, one can hint at certain stories or themes, but it is up to the viewer to interpret his own story when looking at her work. Caitlin’s images reflect her impression of the subject, rather than a realistic portrayal. 


A huge part of Caitlin’s photography style is the post processing component. When she edits her images, she is able to show the viewer exactly what she was feeling when at the scene. Caitlin adjusts color, lighting, clarity, and perspective in her art to create the final effect. In addition to adding intense colors, she also inserts outside images into her pieces.

Achievements and News 

Caitlin has participated in over 100 highly selective juried art shows in the United States. She has made appearances in the news and has partnerships with various galleries and popular establishments in the midwest. 

About YOU 

When you purchase from Caitlin Vera Photography you will receive one of a kind artwork that will enhance your living space. You will also help support a small business.